About Leila

Whether you’re cultivating a consistent voice over social media or sharing information in a meaty blog article, you want an end result that shines. Every piece must grab reader’s attention, retain interest, and deliver your core message–all at once. With my content creation services, you’ll provide the idea and I’ll transform it into that eye-catching content. Back-of-envelope doodles are welcome.

I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Communications Media from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. As a member of the Cook Honors College, my education centered around writing-intensive courses.

After a yearlong internship, the public health nonprofit IRETA hired me as their full time Communications Coordinator. Providing support for a diverse array of educational projects, I contributed my writing skills to medical guidelines, event marketing and logistics, websites, social media, and research papers. Much of my portfolio (found on the home page) features these published documents.

I am familiar with reaching audiences of professionals and laypeople alike, adept at customizing tone and reading proficiency level.

When not writing, I get out of the house by leading walking tours of Pittsburgh. In the free time that remains, I practice aerial silks, read, and play board games with a lot of rules.

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Questions? Ready to connect?

Contact me: Leila.M.Giles (a) gmail.com