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Gabapentin, the ‘Chameleon’ Drug

Skills: Article/blog writing. Research. Healthcare and public health topics. A public health nonprofit wanted to share information about a recent trend in substance use. This blog article guided readers to recent research and allowed the organization to present factual information on a topic often clouded by conjecture.

Thinking Like a Coffee Pot

This lighthearted sample piece uses a familiar beverage (coffee) to explain the psychological concept of priming. It shares the results of a study that was read by the article’s author and passes along key information in a conversational tone. It is not simply a summary. The blog post offers additional background, further thoughts, and other …

Annual Report: IRETA, 2017

Skills: Annual report. Writing. Collaboration with graphic designer. Paper or digital copies of a nonprofit’s annual report can be used to keep supporters or prior collaborators involved and excited about recent projects. This publication was also given to prospective clients to introduce the organization’s scope of work and share recent successes.

Gallery Show to Celebrate Trust Launch

Skills: Writing. Media Alert/Press Release. Document layout. Events. To celebrate the official start of a new community organization, its founder wants to throw a launch party that suits the goals and aesthetic of the group. This one-page document shares all key information with local media, inviting them to send representatives. It explains the importance of …

Overdose and Grieving Children

Skills: Writing. Long form blog. Research. Healthcare. Behavioral Health. Blog articles can help organizations share their important messages with a target audience and lead readers to the host company’s preferred next steps. In this article, social workers or school staff members can learn about the unique struggles of children grieving after losing a loved one …

The IRETA Current

Skills: Short-form writing. Newsletter layout. MailChimp. A newsletter can maintain engagement with people who demonstrated interest in your organization. It also provides a chance to forge professional connections as you publicize your partners’ events or news.

Adolescent Marijuana Use Online Course

Skills: Writing. Working with WordPress. Course/event description. Informational. A visitor finds their way to a specific webpage because they trust its author and are interested in the contained topic. To take them a step further and sign up for something, whether it be a course or an event, requires compelling copy that accurately explains the …

Montreal on Foot

Skills: Writing. Short blog. Travel. Conversational tone. Blogs that guide travelers enhance websites that promote activities or locations. This format can easily be adapted to appeal to locals, directing readers to explore their own city, perhaps to try a new restaurant. Short blog articles can keep readers on your website for a longer amount of …

Older Adults Deserve Better Substance Use Care

Skills: Writing. Research. Healthcare knowledge. Seniors are often overlooked during conversations about substance misuse and addiction, leaving healthcare professionals unaware of how to detect or address problems in their early stages. This article uses authoritative resources to introduce a new perspective for professionals who do not necessarily specialize in addiction medicine.

Motivational Interviewing

Skills: Writing. Blog, long form. Research. Social science. Healthcare. Motivational interviewing is a technique used in the behavioral health field to enhance clients’ internal drive. This blog article explores some of those strategies, written for an audience of professionals who are familiar with the basics. In addition to providing information about a skill set, this …