Start that blog or complete that e-book. Ensure descriptions snag customers. Whatever text you need, I’m ready to become a part of your process. With my content creation services, you’ll provide the idea and I’ll transform it into that eye-catching paragraph.

I began my writing career as a teen. My theater criticism, reviews of nearby school’s productions, appeared in newspapers including The Washington Post. As a Communications Media major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, my coursework included a writing-intensive honors college, plus script writing for campus organizations.

In the years since, my professional roles have required a diverse array of writing styles. At the public health nonprofit IRETA and University of Pittsburgh, I contributed to medical guidelines, event marketing and logistics, webpages, blogs, social media, and research papers. Much of my portfolio features these published documents.

Services Offered:

  • Long-form nd short-form blogs based on detailed research
  • Social media such as Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, and Instagram captions
  • Announcements and press releases
  • Web pages that inform visitors and include strong calls to action
  • Newsletters that continue engagement with recipients, keeping them involved

Get started by emailing me at Leila.M.Giles (a) gmail.com. For sample writing, please browse my portfolio. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.